Saturday, October 18, 2014

AWP News

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The Anipal Wedding Planners are:
We have exciting news! @BarbaraBpiwetz has joined the AWP as a graphic artist! She has made some exquisite avatars for upcoming weddings and we look forward to her growing her skills with us
Everyone! The AWP have exciting news! The Duchess of Bramley @HRHDuchessII has joined the AWP team to be head of our Image Research Division. She has quite the eye for these kinds of things and has been a huge asset to us already.
Please join me in welcoming our newest member to the AWP, Ms. KimberleyKoz! Kim has remarkable graphic artists skills and she will be joining Thomas and Dana in making wedding photos.
We are happy to announce some new exciting changes here at #AWP headquarters! Miss ShaynaCat has joined us as Entertainment Manager. She will be working closely with the DJs at the #AWP events.
And Otis and Mickey have branched off into the catering business with @AWPcatering and are creating exciting and gourmet noms for the #AWP events.
Please visit their new site AWPcatering

If you are thinking of getting married we urge that you read the excellent post written by @ShaynaCat. You can find it under the 'Thinking about getting married? Please Read' Tab. 
Thank you

Diego (Barbara's stand in) has joined the AWP!

Here are some images of the AWP at various weddings we have put on
Our latest group photo with Duchess

AWP at #BelleHerm wedding

AWP group at #KEmagicalday

We are thrilled to announce that we have added Thomas @PuppyNumber7 to our team. He will be a wonderful asset to us! Welcome Thomas!

#AWP at the #LJwedding

#AWP at #SJIRwed wedding and smoochfest

#AWP at #AthenaCookieWedding

The #AWP at #MarieMurph Wedding

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog friends. This makes such good sense, and I am so happy you did this.