About us

@HollieCatRocks Hollie and her mama live in Canada with fursibs Ginger, Malley, Baby, Mittens, and Angel Monkey. Hollie is the original Wedding Planner!
@FreshOtis and his mommy live in Maine. Otis along with @MickeyShortTail (who lives in TX with his mom and brofur Andy) are the AWP caterers and provide scrumptious food and drink for the events.
@tigerboythecat Tiger and his auntie Donna live in North Carolina. Tiger is an expert Timeline Tweeter!
@LilyLuWhoT Lily lives in Massachusetts with her mom and sisfur Luna. Lily has been a bridesmaid at many of our weddings! :) She also is an expert Timeline Tweeter!
@ShaynaCat Shayna and her mom live in the UK. Shana is our Entertainment Manager and gets all the music coordinated for the events.
@danapixie lives in Oregon with TSK the wonder cat and Daffy ( @nocrybabydogs ) she graphics for the weddings.
@kimberleyKoz Kim is @tattlecat HERMAN’s mom, they live in Mississippi with a houseful and yard full of cats and raccoons. Kim does outstanding graphics for the weddings.
@puppynumber7 Thomas lives in Australia with his nan and pop and fursibs. Thomas is a wonderful graphic artist for the AWP.
@HRHduchessII Duchess Lives in the UK with her mom and sisfur Mimi. She is new to the AWP as well. she is the new Image Researcher. So if you need help in finding something just let her know.
@barbaraBpiwetz Diego and his mom Barbara are also new to the AWP, has done some wonderful avatars for the wedding guests.
@billone_joanne Joanne and kitty Muggles live in Canada, they recently joined the AWP as graphic artists!
@Rustythekitty lives in Pennsylvania with his mom and fursibs Tux, Rascal, Tyger, Patches, Tomcat, and Spirit. Rusty will be helping Shayna with the music, he is new to DJing and has really done a great job. He and his mom will also help out with the Bridal Salon blog Kim is creating.
@TweetingTruman Truman and his mom live in Missouri. Truman is a wonderful graphic artist who has finally agreed to help us out. :)

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